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First of all, I would like to express a word of gratitude.

YOUNGSHIN STONE CO.,LTD strives and serves for production with superior quality from master craftsman.
To do so, we manage design research team for new item & design, and study hard creation of products for consumer around design research team.

We can make whatever consumers want since we have system using CAD.
By making design suited for each country like Japan, German, U.S.A, Hong Kong, Singapore etc that make up increase our export.
With buyers based on confidence, we are headed for world market more than ever.
Our material is Jang Su Gob Dol (Korean Amphibole) which is used in variety of ways like bowl, roast pan, steak pan, pizza pan, chowder pan. Especially it goes best with Korean traditional food in kitchenware.

This material emits much Far-Infrared Radiation when it heats. It has high heat conductivity and minimizes destruction of original nutrients that is why our goods are healthy material of kitchenware.
This story became known to the Japanese gourmet, now they think that is a good kitchenware to have Bulgogi, Dol-sot bob, Bibimbob and the situation came to be recognized more than ever.

We are using and producing stone kitchenware with Jang Su Gob Dol in Jang Su city for over 20 years.
Now there are more than 100 stone kitchenware, this is the result of all our efforts for development of new and variety of ways.

We are confident we are the best manufacturer on stone kitchenware in the world.
We are striving to get the great company, We ask for your continuous interest and love.
Heartily thank you.