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korean hot stone bowl




Stonelee Roaster R4838A

Wide pan, Multipurpose, Be high class, Handy fuctions.
Size : 480x380x25(mm)
Model No : YS-R4838A
Registration of utility model : 361877
Application number for Design : 362630
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It is available to cook stir-fly, roast etc.
The stone pan equipped under the table, it minimizes inconvenience. This baking tray can be adjustable angle. The food that needs fall out oil or the food that needs some water can be possible.
It is convenient for clean without subduct stone pan, so you can cut down personnel expenses.







With various vegetables, the oil of meat will combine them and make good taste.
The meat won't to be hard after it has been cooked property.
No need to change the pan even though there are sauce on the pan.
Make sure to cook seasoned dishes, fried rice etc.





   It is easy to clean with stick for scrap. It is enough to scrap with it.
   No need to lift the pan. With a little water, it is easy to clean as the picture above.