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Stone Lee Stone Plate Roaster Large

Large grill, diverse use, luxurious refinement, easy use

Size : 480x380x25(mm) , Model Number : YS-R4838A
Utility Model Registration : 361877  
Design Application : 362630

With the plate size of 480x380x25mm, samgyeopsal, seasoned pork, fried rice, panfry, and other food can be made. The stone plate is placed below the table, minimizing discomfort. Also, the plate's angle can be changed, so diverse cooking is allowed relating to oil and water. Cleaning can be done without lifting the plate, so labor costs can be reduced. If you just put the cover without taking the plate out, you can have the space same as that of average tables.
Unique point : Spark is located in lower table.

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The meat and vegetables including kimchi can be mixed and well cooked together and the cooked meat does not get hard and crumbly, but stays soft. You don't have to change plates like the former ones when cooking meat with much sauce like ribs or seasoned pork. Bibimbop, scorched rice, buchimgae can be cooked well, guaranteeing good taste.




 Even if the food is stuck on the plate, it can be cleaned off with a scraper, and diverse food like nu-rung-ji (scorched rice) can be cooked. You don't need to carry the plate around to clean it. Only small amount of water and scraper is needed for cleaning.

*The angle of the plate can be controlled, so it can be used for different cookings.


It takes about 10 minutes to cook meat, and once its heated, the heat stays for a long time, and consistent fuel consumption is not needed.

After preheating for about 5 minutes, you can start eating.

You don't need to carry the plate around to clean it. Only small amount of water and scraper is needed for cleaning.


The miraculous special stone plate emits far infrared rays, allowing heat to enter the food deeply and cooking the meat inside and outside simultaneously with small heat. Using small amount of heat can protect the meat's nutrients, and this can protect the taste. Through the stone plate, meats does not burn or have smoke.


The far infrared rays make the foods become soft while cooking. It can be applied to many different foods like bibimbap and nu-rung-ji and keep its taste. Also, the heat stays for a long time, so people can eat the food that is always heated. You don't have to take out the plate when cleaning. You can just spray a little water and scrap off with a cleaning knife.