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About crack

  • Jang Su Gob Dol (Korean Amphibole) has different shape and property for each. We are always producing stoneware with pure natural rough without any chemical treatments.
  • It might have crack when used it. For minimizing from it, before the first use, it is recommended to boil the stoneware in salt water for 30minutes for sterilization and tempering.
  • The water or oil would leak caused by crack. But it wonĄŻt be happen this situation if you use continuously.
  • According to the type of dish, user needs to learn how to use and also stoneware is necessary this process.
  • Jang Su Gob Dol has been recognizing blessed material which is rare of crack. But it can have cracks from sudden heating or quick cooling, because of natural stone. No returns are allowed on this reason

Problem of burn

Our stone panĄŻs conductivity is so higher than normal pan.
In other word, the heat is continuing for a long time once the pan has heat.
The important thing is control the fire.
If you think the pan has enough heat, please heat to low.
You can prevent meat burning.


How easy to Clean

Natural stone kitchenware is in condition water content. So the cleaning is easier than normal item. It is possible to clean these stone with just water. But if you cook with oil like meat something, you should get some detergent. Actually this product cleans easily with the exception of meat or foods with oil that are usually wash with detergent. After washing the stone, you should put and keep it in the ventilation of air